There will be no end to the beauty you present me.

There will be no end to the journey that unravels each day

Inviting the untrodden path to beckon to us from beyond.

There will be no resistance to the pull of the moon

As she summons the sun to his knees and veils his anger

From the Gods.

There is no other place on earth remembered

With such fondness as that of the desert.

Her majestic walls towered over our altar of love

As her relentless, merciless heat encircled

Our every move and encaptured our entangled spirits.

Our spirits will expand with the belief that the

Universe has united us in the purest of moments,

Cradling us in her palm, as she breathes life into ours,

Gently, yet precisely assisting us through the light.

There will be light.

The light will envelop us and guide us into complete suspension

Where weighted platforms will one day leave us

Free to expand beyond our skin, beyond our thoughts,

Beyond our love.

There will be no love as great as ours.

Our souls will lengthen with knowledge as we challenge

Each second that passes us by, each moment we spend apart,

Each day that draws us near.

There will be no Self without Us.

There will be no more Alone.

There will be no end to our love.