There is a plane

Spiritual and physical 

Between us, 

That governs, 

That dictates, 

That manipulates our mood, 


And belief.  

It is not evil, it is life.  

It is not devastating, it is forthright.  

We are to respect and adhere to it's mastery 

If we are to allow ourselves to be free within it's reign.  

We are to be humbled by it's knowledge 

If we are to be wise in it's overbearing presence.  

We are to love each other from afar 

If we are to behold the beauty of our souls.  

We are to breathe it's deathly poison 

If we are to understand it's worth.  

I am to you everything, 

You are to me my dream.  

Embraced by the power of love beyond life, 

We can only hold on, 

With finger tips of pain,

Yet we can chose to let it go,

With handfuls of joy.